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Heavenly Persona (2018)

Heavenly Persona is an archive of black-and-white photos from the long-distance relationship documented in the previous series Betelgeuse. Inspired by japanese erotic photography and Shizuka’s album of the same name, Heavenly Persona examines afterlife, memory and a sexual awakening through a collection of ethereal and evocative images.

Also an exploration of naturism, the book contemplates the animalistic condition of man as a mammal and his innate attraction to nature, where the earth nurtures, protects and forms its own system with the male body, serving as both womb and deathbed. With his companion, they find themselves in lawless territory - an infinite landscape that reduces their bodies to their physical form and presents them with unparalleled freedom.

My attention shifted to the more spiritual nature of this relationship while considering the erotic links between creation and ruin. The earth is no longer imagined as a promise of life but rather a genesis of pleasure with no other end. An impenetrable desire echoes through closed rooms and open fields as the two lovers endlessly navigate this isolated stretch between purgatory and heaven in search of a climax which always seems to be on the horizon.

110 pages
54 black-and-white plates
245x183 mm
Unique handmade copy

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